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1. The Nature of Jesus - Part 1

An examination of Jesus’ description of himself in his “greatest in the kingdom” teachings (first half). This series from Gayle’s book The Jesus Style.

2. The Nature of Jesus - Part 2

The second half of Jesus’ description of himself in his “greatest in the kingdom” teachings.

3. The Nature of Jesus - Part 3

The first half of Paul’s description of the “mind of Christ” in Philippians 2:5-11.

4. The Nature of Jesus - Part 4

The second half of Paul’s description of the “mind of Christ” in Philippians 2:5-11.

5. Are You the One?

A revealing look at the physical character of Jesus and his approach through John the Baptist’s statement, “I would not have known him, except…”

6. The Last Supper

A study of the table shape and seating at the last supper. Shows the tensions among the Apostles and Jesus’ use of power. Filled with “Aha’s.”

7. Dealing with Manipulators

If you are going to be a servant, how do you keep people from taking advantage of you? This tape should be seen by all serious Christians.

8. The Nature of the Father - Part 1

God, the Father, reveals His Name and Glory in Exodus 34:6 and opens huge doors to Biblical understanding. You will never see God, the Father, the same again. Messages 8 and 9 are from Gayle’s book The Father Style.

9.* The Nature of the Father - Part 2

Knowing the meaning and use of the Name and Glory of God has powerful New Testament implications. This will improve your prayer and daily life.

10. All that God Is

An enlightening and entertaining exposition of Colossians 1 and 2 as Paul explains the centrality of Jesus.

11. The Jesus Style of Leadership

Jesus contrasts the world-centered methods of the Apostles with his leadership in Matthew 20:20 as James and John seek special favors and get surprising results.

12. Jesus, the Great Hunter

A powerful evangelistic message beginning with Luke 19:1-10. A tape to be shown to every person running from God or resisting his call.

13. Worship in Spirit and Truth

A clarifying and simplifying study on what worship truly is from John 4

14.* Spirit Style, Part 1

A dramatic look at joy through the work of the Holy Spirit. Covers much of the New Testament. Messages 14 and 15 are from Gayle’s book The Spirit Style.

15.* Spirit Style, Part 2

What Jesus says of the Holy Spirit and how it solves all the problems we have with Him.

16. Hearing the Voice of God

For anyone who has ever wondered what the will of God is for their life and has ever wondered how to know when they have heard from God.

17. Clues to the Nature of Jesus

Events in Jesus’ life that prove his consistent servanthood and increase your love for him. Contrasts the nature of Satan with Jesus.

18. Examples of the Nature of Jesus

Resolving problems with the servanthood nature of Jesus and confronting Apostolic failure. Events in Jesus’ life that show his “others-centered” care for us.

19. Training of the Twelve

When Peter, in Matthew 16, knew that Jesus was the Messiah and the keys to the kingdom were given to the Church, were the Apostles ready to use them? Humorous, revealing look at who God uses.

20. Peter, Before and After

Looking at the Apostle most people identify with through his spotty life and his use of two “swords” before and after the Day of Pentecost.

21. One Hour Seminary

Taken from Deuteronomy 10, the work of the priesthood and its application for today’s Christian. An interactive memory rally.

22. Three Great Relationships

How our relationship with other Christians proves our relationship with God and enables us to win the world.

23. Feed My Sheep

In John 21, Jesus catches the disciples back in their old pursuits. His only discipline of them was to affirm Peter’s love and to assure that he would feed the sheep.

24. Portraits of Christ

Events in Jesus’ life that prove his consistency as a servant and increase your love for Him. How denominations can begin around incomplete observations and experiences of Him.

25. Jesus and Family

Jesus had some very hard things to say about earthly families. If that has troubled you, this tape will resolve your understanding and settle your heart.

26. Freedom and Bondage

In Luke 9:57-62, Jesus confronts certain bondages that hold people back from serving him. They include comfort, security and family. A companion to “Jesus and Family” that will give you freedom.

27. For the Glory of God

The progression from prayer to glory in 1 Peter 4.

28. The Garbage Is Gone

2 Corinthians 5 in ways designed to help you remember what it means.

29. The Two Prodigal Sons

Luke 15 has only one hero—the Father. Insights into the traditions of their times and the flow of mercy from God.

30. Forgiveness

The person who forgives lives in total freedom. Colossians 3 examines forgiveness and other themes.

31. Hall of Fame

A very personal look at what Malachi 3:16 might mean.

32. Digging Wells

A surprising stopover in the valley of weeping. Psalm 84.

33. Jesus Vs. the Pharisees

Here you will see the corruption of power and politics in the Pharisees and watch Jesus exhibit his servanthood. For anyone from failures to hypocrites.

34. Jesus Is Enough

The Scripture is clear. The abundance of inclusive All passages and exclusive No Other statements leave nothing left but Jesus. Great for anyone struggling with doubts.

35. Guaranteed Happiness

The Bible says its guaranteed. Gayle tells you how.

36. Humanity at Poolside

View hopeless humanity at Bethesda in John 5 and who Jesus helped and why.

37. Faith and Grace

The last word on faith and grace. Romans 4 and 5.

38. Purpose of Discipline

For service, not punishment. Hebrews 12:1-11.

39. Access to God

God’s great open-door policy. Luke 11:1-13.

40. The Urge to Live

God created life, not death. John 3:16.

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42. The Lord's Prayer - Part 1

43. The Lord's Prayer - Part 2

44. The Lord's Prayer - Part 3

45. Joseph

A type of Christ, but not in His line.