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After 45 years of serving the Christian community, Agora Ministries, Inc., dba Servant Quarters, has officially closed but not gone away. Thanks to servant-minded sojourners, Servant Quarters material will remain available online in digital format at no cost to you. E-books will continue to be available as will audio messages. Calvary Chapel Modesto, having been the umbrella ministry for Servant Quarters, will oversee the maintenance of the website. God has blessed the ministry immensely, introducing many souls to His Kingdom. We pray that God will richly bless you through these materials.

Please be blessed by whatever you find here and we hope you grow closer to God through it.

Gayle Erwin Jesus Style

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The Jesus Style Book

The Jesus Style

Have you read The Jesus Style like so many others have? This book has been featured by Guidepost, Family Bookshelf and Word Book clubs. It has been used as a textbook in colleges and seminaries, as a training manual in many churches, and translated into more than thirty languages. You will find yourself reading it more than once. The paperback edition contains a complete study guide.

- A "must read" on the lifestyle of Jesus

- If you have trouble understanding God, this book is for you.

Gayle Erwin Others

The Nature of Jesus Series

This message is right in line with Gayle's book, The Jesus Style. You don't want to miss this 4 part message series.

Gayle has graciously provided this message and all of his audio resources FREE of charge for you to listen to or download to your MP3 Player.

Gayle Erwin Video

Gayle's Videos

Below you will find hours and hours of Gayle's teachings, with each show averaging between 45 minutes to an hour in length. There are four sections to choose from:

  • The Nature of God, which includes teachings on "The Nature of Jesus", "The Nature of the Father", and "The Nature of the Holy Spirit".
  • Teachings by Gayle Erwin, all of which complement The Nature of God series.
  • The Gospels, 16 hours of teaching on the gospels.
  • Israel Tour, which consists of 4 hours of Gayle teaching at various locations in Israel.