Free Posters And Bookmarks

These posters are 8x10 inches, excellent stock and suitable for framing. Just ask (e-mail or phone or when I am speaking near you) and we will send them to you free of charge as long as we can.

Jesus Style Poster Father Style Poster Spirit Style Poster

Free Bumper Sticker

Here's a photo of our bumper sticker (or wherever you want to put it). It is 3 inches by 9 inches and very visible from a distance. It is made of Vinyl and easy to put on and remove. And it is FREE. Call us, write us, e-mail us with your mailing address and it will be on its way.

Others Bumper Sticker

The story behind OTHERS:
A century or so ago, General William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, wished to send a telegram of encouragement to his missionaries around the world, only to find that he could afford to send only one word to each. He chose the word OTHERS. That so speaks of our understanding of the Nature of Jesus and the purpose of Servant Quarters that we felt urged to make that word available as a bumper sticker.