Cross-cultural Ministry

A member of the Gideons Bible distribution organization who happened to be a Pentecostal, finally received permission, after years of trying, to come and do a presentation at an Episcopalian Church. He arrived with his arms full of Bibles up to his eyes.

The Episcopal Rector was a bit flustered at it all and at the lateness of the service. He told the Gideon he would only have 5 minutes and then urged the choir on down the aisle. He said to the Gideon, You follow right behind me. The Gideon faithfully, but nervously, did so.

As they entered the sanctuary, the Gideon could not see very well over his stack of Bibles and did not notice that the Rector stopped and knelt (a genuflect, they call it) as he entered. He hit him from behind knocking the Rector down and sending Bibles flying along the aisle as he fell.

He quickly gathered the Bibles up again and caught up with the now-brushed-off Rector about the time he reached the altar. He did not know that the Rector would kneel quickly again at the altar, so he hit him again and Rector, Gideon and Bibles sprawled everywhere for the second time.

"This time", the Rector said, "You walk five steps behind me."