"What Did That Politician Say In Private?" Joke

A man entered a hardware store and told a salesman, "I want a copy of the Gutenberg Bible." "I'm afraid you are in the wrong place. This is a hardware store. We don't sell Gutenberg Bibles, " the salesman answered. "I demand a Gutenberg Bible," insisted the customer. "Look, Mister, I told you this is a hardware store. I have nothing like a Bible at all, much less Gutenberg's," came the reply. "Listen, Pal, are you going to get me a Gutenberg Bible or not?" the now-irate customer shouted. The frustrated salesman answered, "Let me go get my supervisor. You wait right here."

When the supervisor arrived, he said, "What is the problem here?" "I don't know," answered the customer. "I only came in to buy a pocket knife."

The supervisor handed him a pocket knife as he stared suspiciously at his confused salesman.