Nothing of Value

There were two monks in a monastery doing their daily rituals. They were about to bow to their deity. One got on his knees and said, "Oh, Master, I am nothing, I don't exist, all there is is You."

The next monk bowed down even lower and said, "Oh, great one, I am less than nothing! I don't exist and I never did. You are all there is!"

In the corner, a janitor was sweeping the temple and watching the monks. He thought to himself, "Hmmm, that looks pretty good! I think I'll try that." He walked over to the deity and bowed while the monks watched him. He said, "Oh mighty one, I too am nothing, you are everything."

As the two monks looked on with disdain, one said to the other, "Humph! How dare he! Look who thinks he's nothing!"