No Time To Brag

Two geese were about to start on their annual migration when they met a frog who begged to be taken along. The geese said, "OK, if you can think of a way that we can manage it."

The frog produced a long stalk of grass and suggested that each goose hold it at opposite ends and that he could cling to it by his mouth, in the middle.

In this manner, the three were heading south when they were noticed by a man below. The observer expressed admiration for this clever maneuver and shouted, "Who thought of such an unusual mode of transportation?"

The frog was so puffed up over the compliment that he opened his mouth to say, "The idea was mine!" Of course he lost his hold, fell to the earth and was killed on impact.

The moral of the story is this: When you have a good thing going, don't be so eager to take credit. It's best to keep your mouth shut.