Singing Christmas Tree

A church heavy into programs and promotions sponsored an annual singing Christmas Tree. As with all such programming, it had to be enlarged and improved each year to maintain interest.

They had increased its size to the maximum for the building. They added real trees, then an orchestra. What would they do next?

They decided to dress a man as an angel and lower him through the ceiling on a wire to hover over the choir during some of the songs. It was dramatic and everything went well until the wire jammed about halfway down.

There he was! Slowly turning and helpless.

The "angel" began to yell, "Get me down, Get me down!" Soon, his yell became, "I'm going to sue you!" Finally our "angel" began to add curses to his shouts. The choir tried to keep its composure.

Finally, the "angel's" slow turning in the wind made him nauseated and he began vomiting all over the choir!

I wonder what they did the following year.