The Newsletter of Gayle Erwin

October, November, December 2002


With all the buzz about cloning, I miss my old friend Bill McGowan, an orthopedic surgeon who lived in Zimbabwe and with whom I had numerous animated discussions about medical ethics. Since he is having those discussions now with the Lord, and probably losing the debate, um kaff, as he always did with me, let me discuss it with you.

Scientists think they have truly accomplished something when they clone a sheep or a rat (give me a break!) or a cat (something to run the rat), and perhaps they have. They say cloning helps with medical research by having identical subjects to experiment upon. Nonetheless, they still haven't built one from dust, so I will hold my applause for a while.

However, the ultimate goal of every such scientist is to clone human beings. I'm not clapping yet, but I sure am laughing. Who will they clone? Nothing reeks of egotism like that choice! I understand that candidates are lined up, money in hand, to be the first. Narcicism lives!

Sometimes when people seek to get on my schedule and my being one person with limited time prohibits it, they will say, "You need a clone." I laugh at that and respond, "The world cannot survive two of us."

That did cause me to ponder, "What would happen if I were cloned?" All you would have is a genetic copy of me-a short, fat, bald, wearer of suspenders. What else? A terrifying thought!

Would my clone follow the Lord from his childhood? Who could know? If not, the ability for that clone to do damage to the world is enormous. Even now, as I ponder the effects of different politics and technologies, thoughts occur as to how they can be used that scare me and make me ecstatic that I am a believer and not assisting the pagan world. A purely genetic clone of me could be a deadly sinner.

But what if he chooses to follow the Lord? Would he go through the tragedies that have formed my understanding of God's undergirding power? Would he love the Bible and see it as enough? Would he be disillusioned without becoming bitter and, instead, let it cause him to rest only in God? Would he have a sense of humor that lightens the heart of everyone? Would he love children? Would he find a faithful wife who would share his love of God? Would he have a calling from God and a purpose that consumes his life?

I would have to be God to know. Aha! Insight! That is the unstated goal of the cloners-they want to be God. Well, they are not wired for that!

Only one true reproduction of anyone exists out there-at least in that mysterious "begotten" sense. One Bible writer describes him this way, "the exact representation of His (God's) being." Well, you don't get much closer than exact.

What a sheer, glorious delight that when we see Jesus, we know exactly what God is like. Is there any more reason needed to celebrate Christmas than that?

— Gayle Erwin

Volume 22, Number 4
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As we look back on a glorious year of God's blessings, we also find ourselves deeply thankful for you who have faithfully prayed for us and followed our perambulations with interest. We pray that your celebrations this Christmas will be filled with such joy that only the Rapture will exceed it.

Gayle and Ada Erwin
Dave and Audrey Bjur
Clyde Erwin



Just finished reading Handbook for Servants, loved it. My husband and I have come to see you speak at Calvary Chapel in East Rochester, NY and Canandaigua, NY. Each time we enjoy you more and more! I love your realness!!

It took me many years to become a Christian. As strange as this may sound, I felt I was not "good enough", because different "religions" and "people" I felt were superior to me. I came from a alcoholic home and my mom raised us alone, we were looked down upon. I think it had a profound effect on me because the people who lived across the street from us were very "religious" and downgraded us and my mom.

I love the concept of Others-Centeredness and Servant, and your book really helped me in explaining the difference between serving others and being a doormat! Thank you!When I started really hearing these teachings about Jesus (thanks to my husband, who is blind physically, but sees more than anyone I know!) I was fascinated; I fell in love with them and want to hear more and more. People like yourself and the church my husband and I now attend are great!! The pastor is great. Like you I love his "humor" and "realness," but at the same time the Holy Spirit is working and the message is always profound!

I keep a quote of yours on my dresser: "Regardless of how I feel I choose to believe those truths about God. Consequently, I will demand that my feelings conform to that Truth." (It is referring to Exodus 34 6-7)
A Friend
Rochester, NY

Had a dream about Mr. Erwin. He was teaching on James 1:2, "Counting it all joy." It looked like a classroom situation. He stood in the front of the classroom with the chalkboard behind him. During the first few minutes of his opening, one mishap after another kept interrupting him. Broken chalk, loud thunder, a screaming cat underneath a class window, an electrical black-out, an accidental earthquake drill, a fire drill, classroom phone ringing, someone choking in the class, and even an actual small earthquake.

Without missing a beat, he continued to teach, labeling the mishaps as "joy number one, joy number two, joy number three."

Even as a "sleeping spectator," I was so blessed; woke up laughing and praising God. Awakening this way was crucial. I spent the next day in severe pain, but remembering Gayle's incidents kept me laughing. God is so faithful to give what He knows we need.
Maria Soriano
Long Beach, CA

As you may remember the men went through Gayle Erwin's Nature of Jesus series. Well it was such a life changing experience for them that we showed the videos at our Thursday Bible study and what a blessing. I have seen such a awesome change in everyone's lives. In fact, to God be all the glory for the work He has done; this really has been a major break through in the work that the LORD is doing here in Dunfermline. It is so awesome to watch them live their lives and listen to them pray in the eyes of His nature, wanting to be more others centered. Jesus You're beautiful beyond description and more marvelous than words.
ewsletter of Ken Scott
Dunfermline, Scotland

It is refreshing to see some men and women who have come to realize how much our Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit desires to give us a simple life, not necessarily easy, a fulfilling life resting in Him, not necessarily the rest prescribed today in "The Churches", but in His Church, His Bride.

I have been reading a book by Wayne Jacobsen, He Loves Me. This is a refreshing book to read and listening to a tape series, "The Heart of Relational Church Life." I thank you for your willingness to share a ministry that is not in the doing but through the living and the loving Father.
Larry and Shari Ouillette

I have been getting your newsletter for quite some time now. I enjoy it, but I am also disappointed when it arrives because Gayle's schedule is always a month late. I received the last issue the beginning of March and the February schedule was enclosed. The same happened during the last several newsletters. Couldn't you print the schedule for March through June rather than including a month that has already passed? Thanks for listening. Diane

To all who are disappointed in the lateness of Servant Quarters, the quickest way to solve this is to either access our website or let us send the newsletter to you by email. The problem is that our mailing has grown so large that it takes longer to print and prepare than ever, plus, occasional breakdowns slow us. We will try to pedal faster. This issue should come to you in time. Thank you for caring.

I listen to your CDs while walking and find myself laughing out loud. There are such good analogies that it really helps to better understand and retain the Word being discussed.
Ann Johnson
Paso Robles, CA

Just wanted you to know how much I was blessed by the "Spirit Style" videos. Your book The Spirit Style is also a source of continuous blessing and insight to me too. I pay much more attention now when I have thoughts about people, and when I have a desire to do something, I am much more prompt to pray and ask the Lord if there is something from Him in it that I am supposed to say or do. I think I am getting better at discerning between my thoughts and the Lord's thoughts.
Terrie Pelphrey
Coeur d' Alene, ID

I am starting to read The Jesus Style for the nth (I forget how many) time, and am again challenged/encouraged by your definition of love as "servanthood by choice". What a wonderfully simple picture of the example of Jesus.
Don Curtice
Bristol, NY

What a delight your website is! I am enriched and refreshed time and time again as I read the wonderful material and teachings. Thank you to all who work and labor for the Servant Quarters Ministry.
Suzana Blair

I listen to Brother Erwin on WCVK 90.7 FM out of Bowling Green, KY almost everyday and really have grown to appreciate his style and teachings of God's word. I want to thank you for what the ministry has meant to me and I have a request of you. According to the above statement, off of your website, the newsletter is free to those who request it. I am sure that I would enjoy and grow from reading it. If I could be added to the mailing list I would be thankful.
Terry M. Frazier
Glasgow, KY

I always enjoy getting "Servant Quarters" and read it immediately. I loved your story on "How John Lost His Head." It reminded me of how often we lose our heads over stupid things. Logic and reasoning and compassion grow with our Spirit. Sanity is God given and God driven. Too bad Herod didn't grow in Spirit. John was so close to showing him the way of Jesus.
Sharon Powers
Hertford, NC

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