Gayle Erwin's Newsletter

December 1996 Newsletter

What Can I Say About Christmas?

By Bob Yawberg

Over breakfast I related to a friend my frustration about writing a Christmas article for the church bulletin. As the waitress poured coffee, he told of being closer to his wife than ever before. In the later years of their life, they are truly best friends.

He also explained that they were also experiencing a very different Christmas. No decorations were put up this year, inside or out. Their children won't be home this year, but that's not the reason for the lack of decoration. He and his wife have been too involved helping other people "decorate" their homes.

Time had been spent with an invalid relative whom others had forgotten. A lengthy taped message of love and testimony was made and sent to a new friend near death. They were preparing to visit family over Christmas and would leave in two more days.

My friend ordered a light breakfast. Last week, he underwent a total physical exam and learned his only problem was being a bit overweight. You should have heard him thank the Lord for good health.

Ten years ago, he said he would have been talking about himself and his success. Not so any more. Jesus now dominated the conversation. He told of learning of stewardship. It all belongs to God, not just ten percent.

He also told about getting the bad news of an insurance company investment now lost. It would affect plans for retirement.

The thing I noticed most about my friend was that he couldn't stop smiling--his eyes sparkled and his whole face was aglow. That's what Jesus can do for you!

I was reminded of our Lord's command and promises in Matthew 6 and read it to him as we finished eating. "Do not be anxious "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you."

I also had my article.

Bob Yawberg, former pastor of Broadway Christian Church in Ft. Wayne, IN is now involved in prayer ministry.


All the ladies at the Applegate Christian Fellowship who were fortunate enough to attend the retreat on "The Jesus Style" are having a hard time getting the smiles off our faces and the chuckles from our hearts. A dear friend had a major "breaking" realizing she had made her husband a slave but now wants to be a "freedom agent" herself. The blessings from this time will only multiply.

Laura Carlton
Medford, OR

Watching your excellent "Jesus Style" video series the other day, my mother (who is not saved and can be quite hostile towards Christian things and particularly preachers) walked in the room and heard you for just a few minutes. She was almost in tears from laughing so much! She loved it! She even asked to have the tape rewound so she could watch it from the beginning.

To think, I've tried to share the Gospel with her for almost ten years seemingly without success, yet two minutes of your video and she was hooked.

A Friend,

Thanks for blessing us with the Word in Israel. Every time we open the Bible now, it is truly three-dimensional and we can see the sights, smell the smells, feel the air (or the tempest at sea as it were) and most of all receive His touch more deeply. Thank your wonderful wife for sharing you so graciously with us all. God has a lovely crown awaiting her.

Brad and Karen Meade
Placerville, CA

I spent an hour this morning downloading all the humor and parables from your web page. My sermon machine gun is now freshly loaded! Pray for my aim!

Sandy Adams
Stone Mountain, GA

Your tapes have been welcomed into our home fellowships. We always look forward to your refreshingly funny, always memorable style of teaching on what the Lord Jesus is really like in his Word. The glow on your happy face has greatly inspired me in my own work.

Linda Arnold
Arlington, WA

I have prayed for years for a reconciliation for my husband and the pastor he once worked with. The situation that arose was sad and heartbreaking and leaving the church was the hardest thing we've ever done in our Christian walk, but knowing it was God's will, we moved on.

I love that pastor with all my heart and God had spoken to my heart that a reconciliation would occur. My husband has not been the same excited Christian since we left.

When I found out you were coming here, my heart leaped for joy. You are the one person both men deeply love and respect and you could bring them together. I knew the Lord was going to heal hurts and hearts. I prayed earnestly for this and yesterday, I prayed for your safe arrival. God was gracious and merciful.

Praise God! The reconciliation did occur. We feel such a weight has been lifted. I am so excited to be able to have fellowship again and filled with joy over this situation. God has guided us and given us all a time of growth and learning to trust him to work things out in His time.

A Friend

My husband and I are enjoying The Father Style so much. We read it aloud to each other. As we read the "Glory Plus" chapter, I was blessed by the Holy Spirit with an "inside" picture and understanding of Hebrews 4:14-16. It was much needed since I come from a legalistic background.

The Lord showed me His Holy of Holies and me standing before Him who was on the throne with NOTHING separating me from his arms and standing with me was Jesus holding his cross. The meaning of it all exploded in my soul. My relationship with the Father was so clear and real. I felt like flying. He "said" following, "The veil of sinful flesh no longer keeps you from me. Jesus' death on the cross tore this veil between us and all mankind when He took man's sin. Don't sew the veil back up with self efforts to be righteous and gain acceptance and access to my presence. Jesus did it once for all--once for you!"

So, when I read your words on page 95 in The Father Style, they leaped off the page confirming what God had revealed to me. Thank you!

Diane Snyder
Albuquerque, NM

My wife has been out of town the last few days and I have had quite a bit of quiet time to spend alone with the Lord, well, and with you. In a short period of time, I have been able to watch the two Nature of the Father videos and the two Nature of the Spirit videos and have read The Spirit Style. As always, the Lord has given me much to think about. I have needed the refreshment so much. What a consistent blessing!

Terry Dawson
Ephrata, WA

Too Much Fun

I have a new "official" Calorie Chapel T-shirt designed (on his own) by Ben Ortize of Spokane, WA. It is skillfully designed. Thanks, Ben I think.

We also have an official metal sign that graces our office wall and announces "Calorie Chapel." It was made for us by Dan Grinder of Hood Communications in Grand Terrace, CA. Thanks again.

Local News

Frank Pena, resident slave of Servant Quarters, married Karen on August 3 in Albuquerque. Karen is teaching the first grade here in our valley.

Rejoice, another slave joins us: Dave Bjur. Dave and his wife Audrey arrived November

Pray for all of us.

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